What makes Christmas at Cheltenham Special?

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Keep Christmas Festive Without spending a Fortune

There are some innovative ways to get great presents for families who like the traditions of giving gifts and a family tree without breaking the budget. In and around the UK, families gather around over Christmas to create and support Christmas markets, bringing enormous cheer to an already hospitable nation.

Markets filled with Festive Cheer

One of the highlights of Christmas is the Cheltenham Christmas market. With open shops trading their Christmas goods on the street on the pedestrianised area outside Cavendish House on the Promenade, Imperial Gardens to the Queens Hotel, and the Long Gardens.

Who is Welcome to Sell at the Market?

The craft markets allow locally based artists and craftspeople to show off and sell their merchandise, from interesting crafts to food and drinks. Anybody can take part by filling out an application form. Around 40 stalls are set up as part of the yearly festivities in Cheltenham where visitors stop for some warm red wine and fruit mix, called Glühwein, or traditional Eggnog.

Local Traditions is the Highlight

Cheltenham has a community of farmers. So, while the Christmas market is a special event, the town has weekly markets where the locals can sell everything from eggs to fresh vegetables, and of course, specially made goods like preserves, cured meat, and crafts. Christmas crafts include snowflake-inspired coasters, Faux Garlands, Jumbo Christmas lights, paper Poinsettia flowers, and easy-to-make Geometric wreaths.

More Reason to celebrate Christmas

There is no better time to hit the streets than over Christmas when Cheltenham Christmas markets are the ideal place for some last-minute shopping or to enjoy Christmas cheer.