Cheltenham Christmas markets were born from a tradition started in Gloucestershire in 2008 when local farmers and villagers started selling their crafts, food, and drinks on the streets every third Saturday of the month. Any vendor can contact the organisers to apply for a spot where they can set up a market.

With the town council on board, there is an abundance of Christmas lights, and pedestrians have access to the beautifully placed stalls along the promenades to buy all types of merchandise. To encourage creativity and an assortment of merchandise, the board is exceptionally lenient regarding what can be sold.

Anybody can contact them regarding the type of items they want to sell and even set up a board meeting to negotiate the selling of controversial articles.

Christmas markets are a common but beautiful site in many countries, like Tallinn, Budapest, Strasbourg, Vienna, and Brussels. And in the UK, Christmas Markets are a common sight in many towns. Many tours incorporate a stop at Christmas markets to allow travellers time to visit these attractions in the UK if the tour is in December.

With so many destinations to squeeze in, travellers might wonder where to go. We have helped you in choosing your destination by listing some of the best markets in England. Put your “Wellies” on as winter in England at Christmas is generally cold and dry with the possibility of snow. Temperatures average between 7 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius.

Whether any Christmas will be a white Christmas is anybody’s guess, but the markets will be present. And, lovely food and drink, combined with English hospitality, will keep you warm.

You don’t have to believe in Santa or be religious to enjoy the cheerful atmosphere around Christmas time. No wonder many a songwriter retired with one Christmas hit single, like Jingle Bells, by James Pierpont. And with so many special Christmas treats, starting with the Gingerbread man, tourists can be sure that they won’t be going hungry when visiting the Cheltenham markets.

Traditional Christmas food and treats are available, with restaurants never too far for resting the legs after hours of enjoying the sights at the markets.

For tourists in and around England over Christmas time, Cheltenham market is an ideal destination to see, enjoy some festive cheer, and buy beautifully homemade gifts for family and friends back home.

There will be great photo opportunities too, so don’t forget to pack a camera. Then again, a phone will work just as well. It is safe, enjoyable and an attraction in England everybody should have the privilege to experience at least once in their lives!